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untitled on Flickr.


Madeline Keyes-Levine is an 18-year-old photographer from Ventura, California. She blogs here and you can find more of her photography here.

How did you get into photography? 

Sophomore year of high school I took a digital photo class as an elective for no reason other than my friends were taking it and straight-up art class felt intimidating. Like it definitely hasn’t been a lifelong passion or whatever, there was no real ‘aha!’ moment of this is what I like. I just enjoyed doing the assignments and kept taking pictures the following summer partly out of boredom and then I just kind of decided that it was something I really enjoyed doing.

How would you describe your work?

That’s something I’m kind of working on because it has changed so much from when I started. I guess my favorite photos of mine are the ones that capture a magic form of a moment or feeling or relationship. 

What do you like most about this artistic medium?

I like that you can make one photo that has a lot of information. Like you can just sit and look at a photo and how it looks and what feelings it has in it. I also really like it because it’s kind of all encompassing. Like I can take a photo that has elements of all of the things I love, like the sky, my friends, nice colors, or pretty clothes. I just really like the way certain moments look and feel and I like that photos can capture that. 

Recently I shot and developed my own film photos which was really stressful, but at the same time it made me really proud and appreciative of the actual photos because it took so much time.

Who/what would you cite as major artistic influences on your work? 

Photo people wise Olivia Bee, Natalie Kucken, Venetia Scott, Alex Prager, Ryan McGinley, Cindy Sherman. A lot of the influence comes from movies and music videos, I like photos that look like film stills. Also just my friends and where I live.

Interview conducted by Kay Walker, images (c) Madeline Keyes-Levine.


Wake Mag is back! (Back again.) Here are a few visual previews of work by photographers that we will be featuring this month, all three hailing from the Americas. From left to right: Monica Cazares Salomon, Marcos Feittosa and Madeline Keyes-Levine. Our short interview with Madeline goes live on Wednesday! 

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