witchcraftcoatedlips asked: Hi! just wanna say that I love your photos. that's all. Have a lovely day x

and also this, seriously you guys are so great and i appreciate this a ton. thank you! have a lovely day yourself <3 

fantiddleeastic asked: Your photography is wonderful and makes me smile

i woke up to this and it is so sweet thank you!! i hope you have many smiles today. <3

edit for class

1st edit of new pix for classss

fourzlotych asked: I would like to live in your photos

what a nice thing to say, thank you

untitled on Flickr.

cactus on Flickr.

hellu, a lot of you recently started following presumably because you like my hair:

but hi i’m maddie and i post fancy pictures here and i post selfies and reblog pictures of bey here

have a nice day lil friends.

untitled on Flickr.